If your were Airborne, you were part of the best...the Elite. No matter when you served or with which unit., you volunteered for and survived jump school, earned your wings and became forever, a part of that worldwide fraternity, of which all troopers belong.

William P. Yarborough, one of the pioneers of the U.S. Airborne, said"...Those who choose to become military parachutists must sometime during the process, prove to themselves, that they possess certain inner strengths that set them apart from many of their fellow human beings.

It is probably the self-confidence and self respect which successful paratroop training reveals and nurtures, that has made Airborne soldiers of all nations so formidable on the field of battle."

It is our intention and reason for existence, to continue and foster that special esprit de corps, which Paratroopers know.


Membership in the association is open only to those who have successfully completed a military jump school and has been awarded the Parachutist or Glider Badge. Service with the 82nd Airborne Division is not a requirement for membership. We take pride in the fact that our membership is representative of just about all airborne units, including Rangers, Special Forces and even foreign units.

Whatever your time of service, we probably have someone who served with you.

We are not interested in your social status, race or how much money you have. Our common bond is that we were all airborne.


The chapter has five or six dinners a year, an annual picnic and participate in several parades. We have separate business meetings and all members are encouraged to run for the various offices and participate in the running of the chapter.

These are just a few of the activities, but as a member of the chapter, you are not required to participate in any of the events or you can participate in everything. The choice is yours.

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